Saturday, 24 March 2012

How those humans hate me!

Here I am , settling into my new life finally snuggling up to someone in bed and this happens:

What did I do to deserve this.(The foam is there because i kept banging my head on the metal bars.)

My owners reasons are :
  • In the night if any of us rolled over or made a sound.  Mollie would jump up and lick our faces.
  • We would have to mollie to the toilet 5 million times a night.(5 times) and when Mollie was in the cage she didnt go toilet because that is where she sleep.

For the first few nights i howled at being away from my family but now it is my safe place.

But i will still sneak in their bed if i get the chance.


  1. Haha! Cute doggie! You are put in cage so that you wont disturb your owners while sleeping. :D

  2. Mollie is soooooo cute!