Sunday, 8 January 2012

Finding Mollie

Before we considered getting Mollie we either going to get a greyhound or a whippet.
We searched breeders and dog shelters all over the country.

Recently we visited a friend and on the drive back we stopped at a house with a lurcher for sale. I wasn't sure what the dog would be like since i had never seen a lurcher before.

We drove up to the dogs house, opened the little gate and were greeted by a friendly man and a beautiful dog.
I fell in love with her at once.
Mollies sister poppy
There had been another man looking at her just before us and unfortunately he has first pick so the man agreed to text us with his answer.

We asked if we could have a think about it (Already knowing our answer (Yes!).)and went to a cafe to have tea and cake.
The man texted back to say the other guy took her (I was very annoyed.).
Relief flooded into me when he texted saying she had a sister (the dog had a sister) and that we could view her today.

We drove to Mollies house.
When i saw mollie she was even more gorgeous than poppy (the one we just viewed). Our hearts melted and we got Mollie that day.

Mollie was amazing in the car journey she didn't bark or whine just went to sleep or looked at us with her big brown eyes.

Mollie settled in at home
At home she was perfect.

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  1. She is very beautiful . I hope you will all have a happy time , together. I have a whippet /lurcher cross and she is very cute . She loves to cuddle up under a blanket. She is naughty and steals food at times, but we still love her!! I think they have a lovely nature,so gentle. Enjoy.