Saturday, 14 January 2012


I have been training mollie to jump on command and she is doing very well.

I made a jump out of two seats and a broom.

You will need:

  • A jump ( long stick and two things to prop it up)
  • A lead (to start with)
  • Flat area with no distractions
  • Treats for your dog
  1. Set up your jump.  For mollie who is good at jumping naturally and is 23.5 inches tall we started with the jump at 30 cm above the ground
  2. Put a treat in one hand and hold your dog on a leash in the other.
  3. Get space for a run up and run and jump over the jump.  Your dog should follow.
  4. If they do it right praise straight away and give them the treat
  5. After they have mastered this say the command jump just before they jump.
  6. Then raise it higher.  (If they dont jump it when you have raised the bar, lower it and finish on success.)

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