Sunday, 8 January 2012

Mollies Previous life

Before we were given mollie she had a different life.
Mollies mother was a collie ,greyhound x
and her father was a greyhound ,Deerhound x
There was three in the litter and the family who bred them could only keep 1 .
This is a Greyhound

This is a Deerhound
This is a collie

It wasn't really a dog hotel. It was owned by a farmer.
Each dog had a little area each and didn't get much exercise and were fed scraps of meat.
After a year the farmer decided to shoot the dogs.

Some nice men heard about this and offered to find them homes.
The week before they picked up the dogs the farmer went away on holiday leaving the dogs in their crates.

With the hard life mollies had she is probably the sweetest dog i know.

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