Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Training Mollie

We thought the first 2 things to train mollie were:
  1. Come when called
  2. Sit
Mollie is half greyhound and apparently greyhounds are meant to be the morons of the dog world so we were not sure how quickly she would pick up on things.
But luckily she is part collie.

It took about 5 minute for her to learn to come.  Even though this may be because she is still very clingy and is getting over her abandonment issues.  She now comes when called.

How to teach them to Come:

  1. Ask a friend to hold your dog and not let go till you say come.
  2. Excite the dog and wave around a treat.
  3. Go back 3 metres and loudly say come.
  4. Your dog should come.
  5. Praise your dog and reward her.
  6. Do it again but stand further back.

Teaching mollie to sit was harder.

The way to teach her to sit in books :

  1. Make sure your dog is calm before starting.
  2. Get a treat and put it level with her nose.
  3. Let her lick the treat.
  4. Move the treat in an ark over the dogs back keeping the treat next to her nose.
  5. It will be more comfortable for your dogs bottom go down so it usually will
  6. Praise
The way we ended up training her to sit:

Calm before starting
  1. Make sure your dog is calm before starting.
  2. Show her the treat.
  3. Let her lick the treat.
  4. Slightly push her bottom while saying sit.
  5. Praise.

Treat and Praise
The reason Lurchers and Greyhounds dont learn to sit so easily the first way is because they are extremely good at backing up.

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